3 Fabulous Ways To Wear Your Oversize Cotton Blend Shirt Jacket

When you first buy your Oversize Cotton Blend Shirt Jacket you might think it’s going to be hard to wear, but that’s not the case at all! With so many different ways to wear your unique piece, it makes sense that you’ll have trouble deciding which one to choose each day. That’s why we’ve found three of our favorite styles that are sure to inspire you and make your decision-making easier! You might want to try them all out before you know it.

Pair it with jeans

If you’re not one for skirts, tuck your shirt jacket into your favorite pair of skinny jeans. This look is perfect for a dinner date or party where you want to look chic and put together but still feel comfortable enough to move around freely. You can even rock a tall boot or wedge if you’re going somewhere nice!

Team it with an A-line skirt

If you’re ready to take your Oversize Cotton Blend Shirt Jacket out of storage, don’t just throw it on over a t-shirt and jeans. This type of clothing looks fabulous when worn with an A-line skirt, which helps balance out any body shape so regardless of whether you have a pear shape or inverted triangle silhouette, your shirt jacket will complement your silhouette.

Style it up with a pencil skirt

We always recommend layering pieces, it gives you a lot of outfit options and maximizes your wardrobe. If you have an oversized shirt jacket, pair it with a pencil skirt and wedges or booties for a put-together, polished look. Or throw on some skinny jeans and go casual cool with sneakers. There are plenty of ways to style your oversized shirt jacket, it’s up to you how you want to show it off!


There’s much to learn about ways in which you can wear your stylish new jacket. While it’s important not to overdo it, certain days demand a jacket. If you love layering and need more than one piece of outerwear, why not give an oversized shirt jacket a try? It makes for a great addition to your winter wardrobe and can be worn easily on chilly afternoons.