5 Highlights Of The Weekly Menu

The weekly menu of Dinnerly has some highlights that you will want to check out as soon as possible so you can place your order pretty early. Here are 5 food items you should think about ordering:

1.Singapore Chicken Noodles

It is unbelievable how you can prepare this dish in just over twenty minutes. They will send the ingredients to you and you can follow a few simple instructions and it will all be done.

2.Veggie Spaghetti Ragu

It would feel great when you can cook a meal that would feed an entire group. Besides, you could have some visitors and you should find out how you can feed them all. As we all know, it would be better to cook more rather than cook less as there can be some surprise visitors. Even if there are leftovers, then you can just eat them the next day after putting them inside the fridge.

3.Balanced Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry

Vegans would love this dish as it has no animal ingredients in it. Besides, animals deserve to live a long life and not be killed at such a young age just to be put on plates. Even if it does not have any animal ingredients, it is still very delicious.

4.Grilled Lemon Pepper Fish

Those who are on a high-protein, low-carb diet will immediately love this dish as you will enjoy it as soon as possible. You can even combine it with other things such as soda and lemonade. As soon as you finish it, you will conclude that you don't really need carbs for it.

5.Saucy Vegan Pumpkin Ravioli

This is another one of those dishes that is pretty good when you come to think of all the ingredients that are involved. The good news is that it won't take long to cook it.