5 Watches That Will Look Great on Your Arm

Who does not like watches? These things tell everyone your social status so it would say a lot about your personality if you have a good-looking watch. Here are some nice watches from Shinola that will get the ball rolling:

1. Runwell Chrono 41mm

It has a stopwatch function in case you need it for meetings. The design is good enough to turn heads. Since it has a stainless steel case, you won't have to worry about it getting scratched anytime soon.

2. Canfield C56 43MM

This watch is the perfect gift for those who are craving wonderful designs. There is no doubt it will last a while in your imagination. Unlike previous watches, the strap is easy to change as it won't take you long to know how to do just that.

3. Black Blizzard 48MM

This watch is a tribute to how the Americans did in the past. When you want a vintage watch, this would be such a nice choice. The look is bold and you can never question the strength of this watch. The battery is long-lasting so it will be a while before it runs out.

4. White Hurricane 48MM

It would feel great if you can easily interchange the straps whenever you feel like it. From the first look, you will immediately be sold on this watch. You can eventually feel the roughness of the titanium so you won't have to worry about scratches anytime soon. Also, it is the first watch to have full lume.

5. Canfield Sport 40MM

This watch is a good fit for you to pair with other luxury clothes such as a suit and tie. Even if it does not weigh much, it is extremely durable so you can feel great about wearing this watch for several decades as long as you don't lose it.