6 Therapeutic Products Wave Collection To Check Out

These 6 therapeutic products Wave Collection is worth a look (and a purchase)

1 Complete Wave Series Bundle

To gain maximum therapeutic benefits then you should definitely get the Complete Wave Series Bundle. It includes a Wave Solo, Wave Duo and Wave Roller, all of which complement each other's separate functions perfectly. In addition, you get all the Wave products at a discounted price.

2Wave Solo

The Wave Solo is a compact device that offers vibration therapy anytime, anywhere. You can activate any of the three available frequencies and point to any area that needs a massage. It's quiet and has wave patterns for a more ergonomic-focused massage.

3Wave Roller

The Wave Roller is great for large muscle groups and having in close proximity after a tough workout. You can connect via Bluetooth and through the Therabody app to get the most of your money and unlock the roller's full potential.

4Wave Duo

Get a specialized vibration massage to the neck, spine or back with the Wave Duo. The smart roller offers a distinctive rolling solution, thanks to high-traction wave grooves and five different frequencies to deliver pain relief in sore areas.

5 Wave Duo And Roller Bundle

Save a significant amount of money and get double the vibrational therapy with this bundle. You can experience a full body roll, as well as ease tensions in the neck and back, among others.

6 Wave Solo And Roller Bundle

If you want a more portable therapy package then it's highly recommended that you get the Wave Solo and Roller Bundle. Recover faster and no matter where you are, with customizable vibrational frequencies and optimal wave patterns for traction. Both devices are fairly quiet yet powerful enough to give you what you need, therapy-wise. You also save a lot of money instead of buying each item separately.