7 Effective Sexual Health Products

Take Charge of Your Sexual Health With These Seven Reliable Product Choices

It’s critical to take charge of all aspects of your health. Sexual health is in no sense an exception. These seven products are all effective and dependable sexual health offerings.

One - Syphilis Test

This effective laboratory test enables users to test for syphilis in the comfort of their own homes. It assesses Treponema pallidum antibodies. If you want to find out whether you've been anywhere close to the bacteria that can bring on syphilis, an infection, taking this test may work out in your favor.

Two - STD Test - Female

Females who want to stay on top of seven different sexually transmitted diseases may benefit from the use of this test. It evaluates hepatitis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and and other infections.

Three.- STD Test - Male

This test enables males to see if they have seven widely known sexually transmitted diseases. Males who have concerns about trichomoniasis, syphilis, chlamydia and other conditions frequently rely on this product. This test takes a private approach to STD analysis.

Four - Hepatitis C Test

If you want hepatitis C virus measurements, this at-home product may be the way to go. It offers users the convenience of finger prick sample collection as well. Hepatitis C is a bloodborne infection.

Five - HIV Test

People who want to find out whether they have HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) may gravitate to this private laboratory test. It's designed for at-home use. It offers assessments of antigens and antibodies that tie in with HIV. Users who detect irregular results can immediately schedule appointments with medical care providers.

Six - Trichomoniasis Test

Do you want to test for trichomoniasis without having to set foot outside of your living space? This at-home test may be able to save the day for you. It's a laboratory test that offers users dependable trichomoniasis assessments. It can be suitable for people who are interested in urine sample collection matters, too.

Seven - Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Test

Are you on the lookout for a laboratory test that makes it a cinch for users to zero in on two sexually transmitted diseases at the same time? Take a look at this convenient at-home option. It can come in handy for individuals who have concerns about both gonorrhea and chlamydia. This is another product that offers users the ease of urine sample collection.