7 Gorgeous Pieces Of Furniture That You Can Use As A Bar

Having a dedicated space to hold your wine, fine drinks and glasses should not be a luxury. You have so many choices in terms of furniture that is deliberately made to hold fine drinks that it is difficult to settle for just one. There are plenty of gorgeous, luxurious, and amazing models that do not cost a fortune and we handpicked 7 of them that are worth checking out.

7. Cheverny Metal Inlay Bar Cabinet With Cooling Storage Option

The Cheverny Metal Inlay bar cabinet is a very special piece of furniture that can be used for your drinks. The moment you open the two large wooden doors it becomes a genuine bar. The model even has a special area in which you can add a small wine cooler.

6. Siena Wine Credenza With Cooling Storage Option (Walnut)

If you do not want to get a very tall piece of furniture for your drinks, you can get the Siena Wine Credenza. It is made entirely out of massive wood which is why it is a bit more expensive. It also comes with the option to have a wine cooler installed that fits perfectly.

5. Anjou Modular Metal & Wood Console

Getting a console for your living room does not have to be boring. One of the better options is to get the Anjou modular metal and wood console. It is made to hold wine bottles due to the way its racks are organized. It can also be adjusted in many different ways.

4. Margaux 70-Bottle Oval Wine Jail Console

The Margaux Oval Wine Jail console is one of the more affordable options. It is made mostly out of metal, with an oval shape and a wooden countertop. The industrial vibe and well-organized space make it a great piece of furniture.

3. Savoy 63-Bottle Wine Jail Console

For a more conservatory look, you can get the Savoy Jail Console. It has a maximum capacity of 63 wine bottles and is made mostly out of wood with black metal bars. The top is covered with a white marble finish while the doors come with a built-in lock.

2. Mesa Sliding Barn Door Armoire (Natural Finish)

The Mesa sliding barn door armoire is an ideal choice if you like vintage furniture. Made with a natural finish, this majestic wooden cabinet comes with plenty of storage space. It has a dedicated area for glasses, shelves for fine drinks, and a dedicated area for wine bottles. In total, the cabinet can hold up to 96 standard bottles of wine.

1. Spirits Vault (Gray Wash Finish)

The Spirits Vault is a cabinet with a twist. It has rotating handles the same as you would see on a regular vault. The cabinet does include built-in locks for the doors and the top shelf. While it is made using high-quality acacia wood, the cabinet features large glass doors, making it a gorgeous piece of furniture.