7 Inflatable Boats That Are Well Built And Worth Spending Money On

If you are looking for a new inflatable boat or wish to replace an old one, you usually have several major brands from which you can choose. Getting a proper boat that is of high quality, reliable and practical means that you need to look at top-end models. If you are still undecided about which inflatable boat to get, we handpicked 7 different models that are worth spending money on.

7. PRU-3 Performance Roll-Up Inflatable Boat

If you are looking for a compact inflatable boat, the PRU-3 may prove to be a viable choice. Made to be a one-person boat, the model is very compact and easy to carry. It can be rolled up and weighs just 53 pounds. The PRU-3 features a rigid plywood transom, and a wooden bench and can carry up to 992 pounds.

6. RIB-260 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

The RIB-260 from West Marine is one of their boats that sits in the affordable price range. It is compact and well designed. With a three-chamber construction, the boat can support up to 3 adults and a maximum load of 1014 pounds.

5. RU-250 Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy

For a value-for-money proposition, you need to consider the RU-250 inflatable boat from West Marine. It is a compact boat that can be rolled up for easy storage and transportation. The model is made with a slatted floor system and features a PVC coating that ensures durability.

4. RIB-275 Aluminum Hull Hypalon Inflatable Boat, White

The RIB-275 is one of the premium boats that you can get. For the price, you receive an extremely sturdy and durable boat. The model is made using an aluminum hull and a protective coating that ensures its resilience. Its large size ensures that there is plenty of room for up to four adults.

3. PSB-275 Performance PVC Aluminum Floor Inflatable Sport Boat

If you are looking for a practical sports boat, the PSB-275 fits the bill perfectly. It is a simple and compact boat that is easy to transport and carry, weighing just 114. The model supports a maximum load of 1103 lbs. and can carry a maximum of four passengers.

2. AL-290 Hypalon Inflatable Boat

What makes the AL-290 Hypalon inflatable boat such a great option is that it comes as a complete kit. The model includes a repair kit, an inflatable pump, oars, and wooden seats. It also comes with a carrying bag. The boat has an aluminum frame and a three-chamber design.

1. RIB-350 Double Floor Rigid PVC Inflatable Boat

The RIB-350 inflatable boat is one of the larger models made by West Marine. It was built to handle a maximum load of 1320 lbs. and has plenty of room for 4 adults. The model uses fiberglass and marine plywood construction. Additionally, the boat uses a PVC coating to increase its durability.