8 Best Blender

Moms may not have a lot of time in the morning to cook breakfast and pack lunch, but we always have time to make sure our family has the best of healthy fruits and veggies. One great way to do that is by using a blender like one of the 9 listed below.

1. Ninja Professional Blender.

The Ninja Professional Blender has been called the Cadillac of blenders by numerous experts and publications (including Oprah), and for a good reason. It features a large stainless steel cup to store your favorite drinks, and its 50-oz. (1.5 L) pitcher makes making smoothies fast, easy, and fun.

2. Ascent Series Blenders

The Nutribullet Ascent Series Blenders are different in that they use the power of a blender to turn healthy, whole foods into nutritious and delicious superfoods.

3. Legacy Series

The NutriMill Legacy Series Blenders are the latest in a long line of Nutrimill blenders. These blenders are produced by a company that has been making blenders for over 40 years. Blending food is the key to healthy living, and these blenders have been designed to make it easy.

4. Vitamix Blender

The VitaMix blender was designed for ease of use and durability, as well as all day blending convenient to your kitchen area. This blender is one of the primary reasons why it was named by "American Digital News" as the top blenders for 2015.

5. 12-cup Food Processor Attachment With Self-detect

The new 13-Cup Blender and Food Processor Attachment with Self-Detect can safely blend the perfect amount for smoothies, soups, sauces, dips and breads with minimal effort. It's a must have for busy professionals and families alike because it helps reduce stress.

6. Nutribullet Blender

The Nutribullet is packed full of amazing technology that makes it perfect for just about anything you'd ever want to make in your kitchen. With a blend of up to 30 smoothies, soups or milkshakes per minute, you'll never be bored with your healthy choices again

7. Aer™ Disc Container

The Aer Disc Container can be used to blend fruits, vegetables and more. It comes in at around 2 gallons, so you'll have plenty of space to puree things when you need it.

8. Portion Blending System® Advance® 2.0

This is more of a commercial blender than a personal blender, but if you are looking for something that will crush ice and chop through hardened fruits and vegetables then this is the blender for you. With the 40-oz. pitcher you'll be able to whip up large batches of drinks and smoothies without having to stop mid-way.

We hope you found the right blender to fulfill your needs. We’d love to hear what you think about the blenders we listed. We would also like to know from you where else did you find the best blender for your needs. Please share with us in the comments section below and help us improve our site.