8 Best Used Film Cameras

Film cameras help you to give a special and personal touch to every picture you want to take. Also, all film cameras are really overpriced, and sometimes the best idea and the most economical way is to buy a used film camera in good condition. There are many of these products on the market that have excellent photographic quality, but you should always be careful not to buy a used film camera in poor condition. Here you don’t have to worry about that, because all the cameras are “almost new” and of the best quality. Used film cameras are still an economical solution for low budget filmmaking. Especially for cinemas that want to start with their first short films, because it is also necessary to buy accessories for the camera such as: viewfinders, support, data backup, and more. Here are the 8 best used film cameras you should buy.

1. Leica M6 (0.72X Finder/28-135mm Original) 35mm Rangefinder Camera Body, Black Chrome (10404)

This model is truly Leica's most advanced camera. It should be noted that this product has a 0.72x viewfinder which has frame lines for six different lenses ranging from 28mm to 135mm. In addition, this camera has an advanced focusing system.

2. Nikon F100 35mm Camera Body

This brand is really well known around the world, and many people like to buy this brand. This used film camera has professional performance. It has an advanced high-speed dynamic autofocus system and a 10-segment 3D matrix measuring sensor.

3. Leica M3 Single Stroke Preview Lever 35mm Rangefinder Camera Body, Chrome

This film camera is a bit "older" but the technology offered by this product is simply professional. It has a 0.91x viewfinder and several lines of automatically changing frames. The type of film this camera needs is 35mm and it has a manual focus.

4. Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Medium Format Camera Body

This is a 6x7 medium format reflex camera that is capable of creating excellent close-up shots, and beautiful portraits. It is important to note that this camera is ideal for high-end professionals.

5. Canon A-1 35mm Camera Body

This is a 35mm film reflex camera with manual focus. It has an ISO of 6 to 12,800, full manual controls, exposure compensation and removable back.

6. Rollei 35SE 40mm f/2.8 Sonnar HFT Camera, Singapore, Chrome {30.5}

This camera looks a bit "old fashioned" but it is really capable of capturing better pictures. This camera offers a totally natural and manual shooting. The focus is high tech and the film type is 35mm roll film.

7. Mamiya M645 Medium Format Camera Body

This camera has a unique and special design, desired by many people. This camera is made of 35mm film technology. In addition, this camera is capable of capturing large areas with the best quality.

8. Yashica Mat 124G Medium Format TLR Camera

A camera very similar to the first camera ever created. The design is unique and very special. This 220 roll film camera offers a focal length of 80 mm.