9 Best Luggages For Your Next Adventure

You are just one step away from having your deserved vacation. Do you know what can complete it? A durable and functional suitcase! How many items would you bring with you? Do you plan on exploring places or just staying around the city? Would you bring souvenirs back with you? These are three things to have to consider when choosing luggage. To help you decide, here are the 9 best luggage for any kind of adventure you wish to have.


1. Carry-on

This is almost 20 inches tall and 13 inches wide. This is perfect for solo travelers or those who travel light. When you have no plans of bringing many clothes and stuff, go for this luggage. It's convenient and also functional.

2. Carry-on Plus

Now, if you want to upgrade your typical carry-on, try this luggage. This fits inside the overhead bins so it's convenient to travel with. This is much bigger than the Carry On. It will fit more clothes and stuff inside.

3. Check-in Medium

This is the perfect luggage size when you want to bring more stuff but don't want to go too big. This is perfect for dolor travelers who bring with them lots of belongings. Maybe you plan on having a month-long vacation or you plan on bringing back a lot of souvenir items.

4. Check-in Large

If you plan on staying too long or you need lots of space for your stuff, then go for this large check-in luggage. The shell of this luggage is unbreakable. It's made of polycarbonate. It also has wheels that rotate 360 degrees for easy transportation.

5. Carry-on Pro

Why go simple, when you can go extra? This luggage will add appeal to your airport look. It's silver in color and exudes so much elegance. There's a built-in front compartment for easy access to your most important belongings.

6. Hybrid Check-in Medium

This is medium-sized luggage. This is perfect for business travels or a week-long vacation abroad. Just by looking at the shell, you can immediately tell that this one is tough to break. But despite that, it's light and easy to carry.

7. Hybrid Carry-on

This one is in a very luxurious gold color. The shell is a product of aluminum and polycarbonate so it's super durable. Even rocks can't break the shell of this luggage. Even the zipper and locks are made of aluminum.

8. Hybrid Check-in Large

If you plan to take your family with you, then this luggage is the perfect one for you and your family. It's super large, so it will fit all of your clothes and belongings. This also features aluminum so it's super tough and will last for years.

9. Hybrid Trunk

This luggage looks very vintage. It's tall in size yet is also bulky. You can fit inside most of your clothes and stuff. It's equipped with two locks at the side part so your stuff stays secure inside. The frame is also made of aluminum.