9 Dresses To Wear To Any Occasion

You’re probably here thinking of what to wear to your next formal event. You have found the right page! Here we’ll offer you 9 stunning dresses that you will for sure love. Choose one that best resonates with you. Of course, it also has to match the theme or vibe of the event that you have to go to. When you have chosen the right one, immediately grab it. Here are 9 dresses to wear to any occasion.

1. Francesca Mini Dress

This dress is for a simple event. You probably are going on a date on the beach or a wedding on the beach. No matter the case, this is perfect if you're trying to achieve a simple and clean look. You can pair this with a sandal or a heel.

2. Robin Tiered Mini Dress

Maybe you are a plant lover who wants everyone to know that you have a green thumb. This is the perfect dress for you. The dress looks very tropical and breezy. This is perfect for summer parties.

3. Button Up Slip Dress

This dress gives a pajama party vibe but make it elegant. There's a slit on the skirt of the dress which will make you look sexy and chic. The details and the subtle print on the dress are superb.

4. Ruffled Neckline Pleated Dress

Time to show off your beautiful collarbone with this off-shoulder dress. This is also in the color yellow-green which is cool to the eyes. Just look at that ruffled neckline. You'll surely catch everyone's attention. This is playful and cute.

5. Square Neck Apron Maxi Dress

Square necks are beautiful! Also, the back part of the dress looks simple but sexy. The ribbon and open part at the back are the highlight of this dress. You'll also love the colorful print on the dress.

6. Brushstroke Slip Dress

Are you an artist? This is your dress. Let them know your artistic side with this dress that looks like a piece of art. Also, the top of the dress is cute. The fabric is soft and thin. It's super comfortable to wear.

7. Asymmetrical Ruffled Dress

This dress is the best one for parties. Maybe you have a nighttime party to attend with your friends. Trust that this dress will make you look stunning. You can wear silver pieces of jewelry to add appeal to the dress.

8. Tie Strap Babydoll Mini Dress

If you want to look cute, then go for this dress. The straps form a ribbon when you tied them together on your shoulder. The top part fits your body, while the bottom skirt sways as you move.

9. Floral Printed Midi Dress

This is perfect for formal and casual events. You can even wear this to a birthday party. It's easy to style and you can pair it with just a simple sandal. You'll love the softness of the fabric.