9 Polaroid Accessories You Should Own

Every Polaroid owner should have several, if not all, these essential Polaroid accessories.

1 MiNT SX-70 Flashbar

If you want every shot in perfect lighting even at night or indoor, then the SX-70 Flashbar is a must. The Polaroid accessory slots straight down the camera’s flashbar socket and comes with two color filters so you can come up with some unique and creative shots.

2 Polaroid Photo Box

Instead of a shoebox to stash your photos, why not use a branded and high quality storage? You can grow your collection of photos easy, and the box can store 40 of your favorite moments and keep them protected for years. It’s compact, stackable and available in a variety of colors.

3 Polaroid Now Camera Bag

Show off and pair your camera with a color-matched Polaroid Now Camera Bag. It supports both the Now and Now+ models and can go with you on all your travels. Inside is soft fleece lining material that cradles your camera, and an adjustable strap with the Polaroid branding.

4 Polaroid Go Camera Clip

For those who already have a bag or wish to attach their camera to their belt loop, a simple accessory should suffice. The Polaroid Go Camera Clip works out of the box and is compatible with the GO model. You can use it to prevent your equipment from falling, or knocking about inside your bag with the rest of your things.

5 Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3 Case

Hi-Print owners should get this 2x3 case for storing prints and showing them to friends and family. It can hold a Polaroid Hi-Print unit and has several pockets that make it act like a mini wallet. Get a two for one accessory for your Polaroid in a neat package.

6 MiNT Polaroid SX-70 Lens Set

Turn your SX-70 into a versatile camera with this Lens Set. The whole package comes with a fish eye lens, a closeup lens, blue and orange filter and an ND filter so you can use 600 film for your SX-70 camera. A lens holder is included in each purchase.

7 Polaroid Go Pocket Photo Album

The Polaroid Go Pocket Photo Album is the perfect on-the-go album you can bring with you. It can hold a maximum of 36 photos, and is available in several colors. The album is small, lightweight and can be attached to a belt loop or bag strap.

8 Polaroid Go Wrist Strap

Never drop your precious Polaroid again when you attach this accessory to your camera. When inspiration strikes, simply hold up your camera and take a snapshot. Thick, breathable material makes the strap comfortable to hold. The branded accessory won't let you down.

9 Polaroid Photo Album Large

Get a home for all your wonderful moments caught on camera. The Polaroid Photo Album offers a perfect fit for your shots, on a maximum of 160 photos. The album is nice enough that you can put it on your coffee table. It comes in either elegant white or classic black.