Aura Makes Sharing Photos & Videos Delightfully Simple.

Aura makes sharing photos & videos delightfully simple. It’s a free, easy-to-use cloud service that lets you share your content and places it in the hands of those who love it most. The following are Aura Makes Sharing Photos & Videos Delightfully Simple:

1. Carver $179

Carver is an application that can be installed on your PC or smartphone. It is connected to the Aura service and lets you access your content from any computer.

2. Aura $39/year Or $29/ Three Months

Aura allows you to share photos and videos on social networks, generate a beautiful slideshow of photos for your blog, create a slide show for your mobile device and so much more. It offers all the features of Carver and adds more options to it.

3. Aura Places

Aura Places is a mapping tool which lets you view the location of your photos via Google Maps or Bing Maps. It displays your photos on a map and helps you find details about the physical location where a photo was taken.

4. Aura For WordPress

Now, bloggers can enable their readers to find their favorite photos and videos as well as comments from the blog post by adding Aura to their WordPress blog. It will also enable them to add comments from blog readers on the content that they have shared via Aura.

5. Carver Luxe $179

The Carver Luxe is a smart, connected photo frame that serves as a place to display videos from your favorite sites. It allows you to view content from any device you connect it to. It also allows you to search for photos in the cloud with just the tap of your finger.

6. Mason $199

Mason is a smartphone and tablet app that lets you access the same photos and videos that are on your PC or smartphone.

Even though Aura is an open-source product and anyone can easily use it for free, the more you use it, the more you’ll appreciate its simplicity. Please share your thoughts on Aura Makes Sharing Photos & Videos Delightfully Simple.