Be Mine Straw Tote

Carrying multiple bags is very inconvenient for most women especially when they are on vacation at the beach, or swimming, so they are looking for a bag which is large enough to carry all the items which they require. The Be Mine Straw Tote bag is specially designed for women who want a spacious and light weight bag which they can easily carry with them while travelling. The straw bag is available in multiple color combinations like sand and yellow, sand and white, black and white, natural and fuchsia, sand and mint, sand and black, natural and black, so that the user can choose a suitable combination based on their personal preferences, clothes they plan to wear outdoors.

The straw tote has hearts of a different color embroidered on it. There are a total of 12 hearts which are embroidered, eleven in one color, and one in another color. The width of the bag is 17 1/2 inches, height is 14 1/2 inches and the bag is 7 1/2″deep, so that the interior capacity is large enough to carry towels, swimsuits, and other items required for a beach holiday or while swimming. Each bag has wide carry handles on the top, so that the user can carry the bag on her shoulders or in her hands if required, depending on which option is more convenient and comfortable.

This imported tote bag is manufactured from paper straw. The bag has a linen lining to make it more durable and comfortable for the user. The thick material used, ensures that it can carry more weight, and will not get damaged quickly. A pocket is provided on the interior walls of the bag, for keeping purses, mobile phones and other items which can be easily retrieved. When the tote is not being used, it can be easily folded so that it will not take up much spaced, and stored in the luggage or elsewhere.