Chennai 3-Drawer White Wash Dresser

Many home owners are interested in purchasing a spacious, well designed and affordable dresser for their bathroom or bedroom for keeping their clothes, garment accessories and other items. They would also want a unique dresser which is different from the factory manufactured conventional dressers available. The Chennai 3-Drawer White Wash Dresser has intricately carved doors and is whitewashed so that it can easily blend with the decor of any room or house. More details of the features and dimensions of the dresser are described in detail so that buyers can decide whether this dresser is suitable for their home.

The dresser is manufactured from mango wood for greater durability and is ideal for those who want a wooden dresser to give a luxurious touch to their home. The width of the dresser is 63 inches, height is 34.90 inches and width is 20 inches ,so there is enough space to store a large number of items. The dresser has two large cabinet doors on either side, and these doors are handcarved with an intricate pattern to give the door an exotic look. The cabinet have a shelf which can be removed if required, especially for storing larger items. The dresser also has three drawers in the middle, which are suitable for keeping smaller items like shampoos, combs

The handles of the dresser are manufactured from brass with a rubbed finish for a better look. The dresser is supplied fully assembled, so it can be used directly. The weight of the dresser is approximately 153 lbs, so some effort is required to shift the dresser from one place to another. The seller is offering a warranty of three years on the dresser,so buyers are assured of the quality of the dresser. The dresser can be combined with a mirror on the wall to form a dressing table. Regularly used items can be placed on top of the dresser so that they can be easily retrieved.