Different Types And Uses Of Memo Boards

Memo Boards are a handy little tool used to improve organizational skills and provide an easy way to keep track of messages and information. Memo Boards are most typically made from cork with a thin layer of felt on top to the writing surface. They can be hung in any convenient location, but typically they are hung around the house for convenience or in close proximity to the person who will use them most often. There are two main types of memo boards;

1. The whiteboard

Which is a more permanent solution and more suited to large spaces. The boards are normally made of white cork covered with a felt layer – very similar in terms of purpose to the more permanent chalkboards that many schools use.

2. The easel memo board

Which can be placed on any flat surface, such as a desk or wall and is suitable for smaller workspaces or homes. The boards are usually made from corrugated cardboard with a thin layer of felt on top – again very similar in purpose to the traditional chalkboards often used at schools and other educational institutions.

Uses of Memo Boards

1. Message boards

Memo Boards are great for keeping messages in one place without the need for tacky notes or pieces of paper. The boards can be kept in the kitchen, utility room or anyplace else that is convenient and will be seen by family members or guests. They are easy to clean and you can use any kind of marker pen on them – from felt tip to ballpoint – as long as they are suitable for plastic. You can use different coloured pens for different types of message, such as black for shopping lists and green for key dates, etc.

2. Calendars and planners

Memo Boards are fantastic for keeping track of dates and times, appointments and deadlines. If you have a home office or work from home, a reminder board is an important must-have tool. Memo Boards can also be used to create a personal calendar for each member of the family – allowing them to share information such as contact numbers, birthdays, anniversaries and any other important dates. You can easily keep track of all these dates in one place on the whiteboard or easel memo board by using different coloured pens and marker pens – stick-on notes are also useful for this purpose.