The TP-Link KD110 Kasa Smart Doorbell

TP-Link KD110 Kasa Smart Doorbell

The TP-Link KD110 Kasa Smart Doorbell is a wireless door bell from the company that sports a high resolution camera, a microphone to listen for visitors at your doorstep, and a speaker for those who need to speak to those who are ringing. The device will allow you to see what’s occurring outside through its high resolution camera without having to exit your home or enter the living room.

It’s a doorbell and it’ll allow you to take advantage of smart features that can alert you when people are arriving at your doorstep, let you know when someone knocked or rang the door bell even if you’re not in front of your home and gives you a call to find out who is ringing. The unit also has a motion detector as well as a microphone.

TP-Link’s official specifications state that the home automation system will allow users to control such features as lighting, climate control and security systems via mobile apps. The unit also has an audio dialer that allows people to ring the door bell when they are near the door and speak through the speaker. The device will be able to recognize multiple users such as those in your household, even if they’re not all present at one time. It can also identify visitors even if they aren’t registered on the system or security systems.

Users can also have the unit send them a photo taken by the device via an email or directly to a mobile device. You can add multiple units to your home’s network through its 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity, and users will be able to configure their preferences easily via the Kasa app that can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

The TP-Link KD110 Kasa Smart Doorbell is already available in countries around the globe so check with your local supplier for details and pricing.

It’s on sale for around $60 online at Amazon here: