Top 4 Benefits Of Using A Rowing Machine

It may look a bit intimidating at first but rowing is surprisingly beginner-friendly. Dubbed as the gym’s Swiss Army knife, the rower is a multipurpose machine that helps improve your heart health and build your body’s strength and endurance. Here are the benefits of using a rowing machine and why is it a good workout.

Less Risk Of Injury

The lower impact of a rower machine means that there is a lower risk of getting an injury. For this reason, you can do high-intensity workouts without causing your joints too much wear and tear. Higher-intensity work like sprinting and plyometrics can be easy on the body with the use of a rowing machine.

Full-body Workout

A rowing machine utilizes 86% of your body's muscles. Rowing stroke incorporates 35% of upper body work and 65% leg work. This targets your muscle groups including glutes, calves, and quadriceps.

Enhance Aerobic Fitness And Lower-body Condition

Even a minimum 15-minute rowing exercise is a major aerobic workout. Regular rowing can help in boosting your endurance and stamina while enhancing your cardiovascular health. Because this workout extremely uses your leg muscles, aimed lower-body conditioning such as building endurance and strength is one of the top benefits of using a rower.

Form Better Posture

A rowing machine essentially utilizes your back, legs, and core which yields numerous postural benefits. Moreover, it is also a great device to engage your body's backside or posterior chain. It is highly important to work your posterior chain to reduce the risk of injury, help correct bad posture, and balance the strength of your muscle.


Rowing is not just an outdoor exercise and hobby. You can now reap the advantages of rowing workouts inside your home with the use of a rowing machine. With a digital touchscreen and wheels for easy storage, the Ergatta Rower is also made for all body types. The locally sourced and handcrafted cherry wood forms a sleek and elegant design perfect for any space in your home. With game-based workouts, you are challenged to achieve your fitness goals while still enjoying your daily workout sessions.