Top Microphones For IOS & Android Devices

In this article, you will find a brief overview of microphones that can be used on iOS and Android devices.

Top Microphones for iOS & Android Devices

There are many different types of microphones available for iOS and Android devices.

1. Built-in Microphone

These are the microphones that are built into your device. They are almost always omnidirectional, meaning they pick up sound equally well from all directions. They also tend to be very sensitive, in some cases much more sensitive than a good external microphone. If you want to start recording now with the least possible investment, this is usually the best first choice.

2. External Microphone

These are microphones that are connected to your device via a cable. They can be either large diaphragm, omnidirectional type (like the built-in microphone) or small diaphragm, cardioid type. The advantages of external mics include being more flexible than the built-in one and having a higher quality microphone. To determine which type of external microphone is best for you it’s best to consider your current setup and the type of recording you will be doing.

3. Lavalier Microphone

These are microphones that clip onto clothing or something close to your mouth (like a hat). They look like a tie clip and basically send sound directly into your device. This can be a good choice if the audio from the built-in or external mic does not have enough gain or sound quality is poor. This can be especially true if there is a lot of background noise.

4. Shotgun Microphone

These microphones look like an external microphone but they have a narrow beam and can be pointed in the direction of the sound you want to record. These are generally used for field recording and are not ideal choices for voice over recording. The beam they produce can be very small or quite wide, depending on the microphone design.

5. Studio Mic

These are very large and sometimes even bulky microphones that are made for recording a particular instrument such as a guitar or piano. They pick up sound from a wide angle so you can record the whole room when using them, but depending on their size they may not be able to fit in an area where you want to record. These mics can handle more input than the lavalier mics because they are omnidirectional.

6. Shotgun Studio Mic

These are studio mics like the ones above that have a very tight beam and are used for recording from a distance. They are often mounted on a boom arm so you can move them easily by moving the arm. These mics can pick up sound at an angle, but they work best when pointed directly at the instrument you want to record.

There are many other types of microphones available, but these should cover most of your needs.