Try These 5 Easy Steps To Creating A Unique Logo

If you want your business and brand to stand out in the crowded market place you need to create a unique and personalized logo that shows who you are and what you are offering. It can be a daunting task, but not if you follow these 5 Simple Steps.

1.Go to Tailor Brands dedicated logo maker

and enter your business name. Make sure it's a name you can use and that also says a little about your business or service, then press 'Get Started' and get ready to have a powerful and unique logo created for you. * Next, choose a category that represents your business or service, Tailor Brands have five main categories to choose from, but if you cant find one that suits you, choose 'Other' and tell them what you do, their AI will start the process of creating something special for you. * Then you have the opportunity to tell them more about what you do with a short descriptive sentence, type it into the content box and click 'Next', the more the system knows, the better your logo will be.

* Finally choose which style of logo that you want to create, Icon based, Name Based or Initial Based, each style will offer you a different design element and you will see a graphical example of each style, so that you can make an informed choice. Within your choice you will also be offered an incredible range of Icons, Fonts and Styles, follow the prompts and pick the ones that you like the best, click ‘Next’ and the powerful AI will start to design a truly unique logo for you.

* Once finished you will be presented with three logos for your consideration, choose the one that you like the best and customize it with the easy to use, built in, editor. That’s not all however, Tailor Brands Creative Studio¬† will also show you how your logo will look on digital and printed business cards, as Website Art and digital Covers as well as on your Merchandise. Now you’re really on the way to making your business and brand stand out!