Types Of Wall Signs

Wall Signs are meant for the purpose of gaining attention. They’re found all around the world, as you may have seen them in a restaurant or store. They are very common in business, where they often offer deals and discounts for consumers to take advantage of. Wall Signs can also be used as a form of advertising, with the intent to persuade visitors into doing something such as taking their photo and becoming a brand ambassador.

Types of Wall Signs

1. Decal

Decal Wall Sign This is the most popular of all Wall Signs, as it has a long-lasting effect. It is usually made from an adhesive or glue. You can remove them without causing permanent damage to the surface that they were placed on. They are often placed in places where they will easily go unnoticed, such as on top of other Wall Signs.

2. Sticker/label/tag

Sticker/label/tag These are more commonly used than Decal Wall Sign s, but are considered to be a cheap and inferior form of advertising for businesses because they do not last long and can be easily removed by vandals or unsuspecting consumers. They are often found in places that people expect to see advertising, such as beside the cash registers, or in the bathroom. Stickers are also mounted on cars, which is why they can be seen on older vehicles with custom emblems.

3. Posters

Posters These are commonly hanging on the walls of establishments that sell other items, such as clothing stores and electronics shops. They usually use large typefaces for legibility and directionality, as well as bright colors to draw attention away from itself. Posters are usually placed near windows in order to make them more visible from outside. They tend to have long periods of time left before they need replacing because people remove them days after they have been placed on the wall.

4. Sign/signboard

Sign/signboard These are large and have a lot of information written on them, so they will take up more attention than smaller decal or sticker Wall Signs. Thus, they are usually mounted on the wall above office doors in order to attract customers. However, these signs do not come cheap, as they can cost anywhere from $50 – $200 per month depending on the amount of business the sign is meant to generate.