What To Consider When Buying Board Shorts


Board shorts are a type of baggy swimwear, worn mostly by men, that protect the upper legs from exposure to the sun, water, and insects when in and around the sea. They are typically made from cotton or lycra materials which dry quickly.

What to consider when buying board shorts

1) Size: You should consider the size of your body and the type of board you typically use. The shorts will loosen in time and stretch, so it is recommended that you buy two sizes larger than you usually wear.

2) Style: Aboard shorts should be made in a style that allows freedom of movement, without compromising protection. There are different styles available like cargo shorts, full leg boardshorts, or cut-offs. The choice of style depends on personal preference.

3) Fit: Make sure the board shorts fit you snugly. A tight fit is best as it keeps out sand, seawater, and other objects from entering your shorts.

4) Durability: A flexible and durable material is necessary for the shorts to protect you from injury if a wave knocks into you in the sea or on the board. Your board shorts need to be made of a material that dries quickly.

5) Quality: The quality of your board shorts affects how long they will last, giving you value for money. Cheaper shorts made from poor quality materials may not last as long as higher quality ones like Rip Curl or Mambo.

6) Price: Quality board shorts usually come at a price and are worth the money. The best brands can last for years with proper care.

7) Design: Your board shorts will be exposed to water, sunshine, and sand and should be able to withstand that exposure with minimal damage. Consider how the design of the board short will protect you in these environments.


Board shorts are made for men to protect them from the harshest conditions when riding the waves or simply lounging around on a beach. They need to be able to withstand sun, water, and sand exposure. A board short needs to be made from quality materials so that it can last for many years with proper maintenance.