Ella Patent Nylon Tote

Many women are interested in purchasing a spacious shoulder tote bag, which they can use for carrying a large number of items while travelling or shopping. The Tory Burch Ella Patent Nylon Tote is a tote bag which is specifically designed for women looking for a stylish and well designed bag which they can easily carry with them. One of the main advantages of this specific bag is that the user can fold the bag, when she is not using it so that it takes up less space.

The tote bag has a width of 17 ¼”, height of 13 ¼” and depth of 5 ¼” so its interior capacity is larger than most of the tote bags which are available. Most women find that this bag is large enough to carry all the items they require. The bag has shoulder straps so that the user can carry the bag on her shoulders, leaving her hands free. The bag has snap gussets which add to the strength of the bag, and also make it roomier, allowing the user to keep more things in it. For keeping purses, and other items so that they can be quickly and conveniently retrieved, the bag has a zip inside the bag and also wall pockets

The tote bag is black in color so it does not become dirty quickly. This color is also popular because it matches clothes and accessories of all colors. For greater durability the bag is manufactured from nylon, and some polyurethane is also used. This makes it easy to clean the bag, even if some food or other items are spilled on it. On One side of the bag has a stacked-T logo ( of Tory Burch) in patented faux leather, while the other side of the bag is plain. The interiors of the bag are lined, so that it is comfortable to use. The bag is designed for everyday use as well as travelling