Optimal Vitality: 9 Products to Optimize Your Health

Optimal Vitality9 Products to Optimize Your Health

Finding the ideal one-stop-shop for vitamins, supplements, and screening tests to keep your health in check can be a real hassle. It is confusing to switch from one site to the next. You could end up buying the wrong product that does not meet your needs.

Whether you are looking to purchase your vitamin supplements or screening tests or you want to give them to your special someone as a gift, Here at Everlywell, we offer various supplements and screening kits that aid your health and the road to wellness. Below are some of our best products:

1. Food Sensitivity Test

Are you having stomach aches when you eat certain foods and have no reaction to others? You may have food sensitivity issues. Try our Food Sensitivity Test. With a finger prick and a portable screening test, you can check if you're body is going to react to over 95 foods. By narrowing down the foods that can trigger your intolerance, you can pick and enjoy your food trips without worry.

2. Food Allergy Test

Food allergy is a condition that can go critical if you are not aware of it. To check if you have allergies to certain foods, pick up our food allergy test fit. With a prick from your finger, you can check from the sample what foods you are allergic to and inform your loved one or medical personnel. This lifesaver is a must-have.

3. Cholesterol and Lipid Test

Whether it's a food festival or enjoying homemade food, there are times when you need to be aware of your cholesterol and lipid levels. If undetected, these can reach levels that can increase your chances of having a stroke. With Everlywell's cholesterol and lipid test, you can check your levels with just a prick of your finger. Let Everlywell's Cholesterol and Lipid Test be a part of your road to wellness!

4. Metabolism Test

Are you conscious of your diet? Do you want to know how many calories you burn throughout the day? Then, the metabolism test kit is for you. Designed with use and simplicity in mind, so easy all it needs to work is saliva or a drop of your blood. This kit gives you accurate information on just how many calories you burn and more. Try it today!

5. Women's Fertility Test

Hormonal cycles can affect your mood or serve as a fertility sign. With Everly's Women's Fertility Test, it allows you to check your hormones to see if you are ovulating or when you're about to have a period. With proven data by your side, you can feel assured and confident when it is safe to conceive or to have sex.

6. Vitamin D Test

Keeping your Vitamin D levels in your body helps you sleep and strengthens your bones, muscles, and immune system. Using a drop of your blood, you can check your Vitamin D levels using this kit. All within the safety and comforts of your home.

7. Multivitamin Gummy

Do you have issues swallowing your vitamins or enjoy chewing them like a kid? Our multivitamin supplement has the key vitamins that can you that nutritional boost. Packed with Vitamins A, B5, B6, B12, D, and E. It also has folate, biotin, zinc, and iodine that all help keep your body strong and healthy.

8. Omega-3 Fish Oil

Do you want to keep your skin healthy and minimize aging? How about keeping your heart and brain's optimum function? With our formulated Omega-3 Fish oil, you can have all these benefits in just one supplement. Feel invigorated with our Omega-3 Fish Oil today.

9. Vitamin B6

To keep your nervous system and your immune system healthy. It is vital that you have vitamin B6 be a part of your everyday routine. With Everlywell's Vitamin B6 supplement. Start living your life today with less muscle pain, better body coordination, and mental function.