8 Wedding Accessories That Are Both Elegant And Original

If you want your wedding to be a genuine success, you must not forget about accessories. There are a few wedding accessories that should not be missing from your wardrobe. These are easily overlooked and sadly, it happens more than it should. To make sure you do not miss a thing, we handpicked 8 different wedding accessories that you should have on your shortlist.

8. Dareth Colburn Barely There Wedding Veil

A wedding veil is an absolute must. It is one of the wedding accessories that you simply cannot skip. The Dereth Colburn Barely There Wedding Veil is a simple model that elegant and minimal in design. Made from a high-quality illusion tulle, the veil includes a metal comb to ensure that it can be secured properly.

7. Bridal Crystal Bridal Hairbrush

This hair comb features hand-wired floral clusters of Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and off white pearls. Available Finish: Classic Silver, Light Gold and Rose Gold

6.pearl wrapped headdress

This ethereal, diaphanous, pearl-enveloped headpiece will take anyone's breathe away. The Primavera Circlet is meticulously crafted by hand in our Brooklyn studio, in an hours-long process involving dozens upon dozens of Swarovski pearls, strung by hand to create an incredible gossamer halo. To add to this look, mix in the matching Primavera Bobby Pins.

5. Dareth Colburn Fiona Crystal Comb

The Dereth Colburn Fiona crystal comb is one of their more special models. Filled with crystals and made to appear as a small branch with glimmering leaves, the comb is impossible not to love. The model is reasonably inexpensive and an absolute must-have due to its gorgeous design and modest price tag.

4. AW Women's Bridal Tiara

We adore the way the Gayle circlet tip-toes towards being a tiara, without feeling overdone. This headpiece combines more than one of our signature floral motifs, with Swarovski crystal blossoms floating delicately above the head, and just the right amount of height. The Gayle Circlet features a ribbon tie closure in the back, for an adjustable and comfortable fit.

3. NOVA By Enaura Accessories

The NOVA by Enaura Accessories is a modern take on how a sash should look. Taking inspiration from botanical themes, this sash features floral ornaments and details along with small crystals that make it stand out. It demands admiration. The sash can be worn with a wide range of wedding dresses and it is very elegant.

2. Blossom Veils & Accessories

The Blossom Veils & Accessories wedding veil is considered a premium product. Falling into the higher price bracket, this particular veil is made using the highest quality fabric. At the base of the veil, floral ornaments have been sown in while the top comes with a discreet comb to ensure that it can be secured properly.

1. Viktor&Rolf Mariage Headband

If you do not like a classic crown or tiara, you can get the Viktor&Rolf Mariage headband. It is one of the few wedding accessories that break away from traditional designs, introducing something new and creative. The headband is made using wild roses as ornaments along with grosgrain straps.