The 5 Things You Must Have To Create A Successful Blog

While a website can promote and advertise your products and brand, a Blog will enable you to promote yourself _AND _your ideas as well. For many entrepreneurs their Blog is the way to not only drive traffic to their sites but to also explain who they are to a wide audience, Here are the 5 things you absolutely must have to create and manage a successful blog.

1 Make Any Template Yours With Ease.

The days of a successful blog just being a few paragraphs of text are long gone, you need access to a wide variety of eye catching and customizable templates that will make your Blog stand out above the rest.

2 Create A Blog.

Access to image editing tools and a wide variety of fonts to make your Blog interesting and unique, make sure this is built in to wherever you choose to host your blog, avoid dull repetition and spice up each and every post.

3 Built-in SEO Tools

Access to promotional and marketing tools to drive traffic to and from your Blog. Find a hosting company with built in SEO (search Engine Optimization) tools that will enable people to find and visit your site and then use the marketing tools to guide them to your Social Media accounts and online Market Place.

4 Email Marketing

4 Still one of the best promotional and marketing tools, a well constructed and managed Email list and marketing campaign will help you build a thriving response to your Blog, Find a host with adaptable and built in Email Marketing tools that will help you keep true to your brand's ideals.

5 Understand Your Site’s Performance

5 You need analytics to know how many visitors you have and what topics and elements generate the most response, A good analytic dashboard will let you know not only where your traffic is coming from, but how they engage with you and enable you to generate keywords that will bring you even more traffic.